Team NB Boston is back in their city

Hi everyone Emily Durgin here to tell you what I thought of my first altitude training camp and to update you on Team NB Boston.

I hope everyone is surviving the final winter months and looking forward to spring.  For those that have been keeping up with Team New Balance Boston we had ideal training conditions for our entire stay in Flagstaff!

This past month and first few months of 2018 have been pure excitement for me.  I rang in the New Year with my fellow UCONN teammates, and then I was off to Flagstaff, AZ to live and train with my newest team. 

I joined Team New Balance Boston this past Fall after completing my 5th year at UCONN.  I cannot express how much of an impact this team has had on me over the span of a few months, and I can confidently say I am going to gain a lot more from Team New Balance Boston.

I had been looking forward to altitude camp since the day Katrina emphasized her love for Flagstaff and how beneficially the trip had been for her in past.  Altitude camp is about training hard in a new atmosphere, being able to get extra recovery, and building stronger relationships with the people around you.  Katrina was not lying and this was exactly my experience at altitude camp.  

While in Flagstaff I was focused on the US Cross Country Championships.  I ended up finishing 5th in my first US Championships and made the NACAC team in El Salvador.  I took a lot away from both of these races and got to experience racing in a different country which will only benefit me in my future competitions. 

The rest of the team finished up the winter season in a variety of ways.  Katriana and Cory ran at the US Indoor Track and Field Championships while Liz prepared for the New York Half Marathon coming up this weekend.

The entire team is now back in our favorite city Boston, MA preparing for the outdoor season.  We have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming months including Abbey and Jake’s wedding in July.  Spring and Summer of 2018 will be jammed pack for Team NB Boston, but with starting the year all together with a successful altitude camp we are ready for everything that is coming our way.

Upcoming Meets for Team NB Boston

Liz: New York City Half (3/24/18)

Cory: Florida Relays (3/31/18)

Emily: BAA 5k (4/14/18)

Katriana: BAA Mile (4/14/18)

Happy & Healthy Training